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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Employee's are more likely to quit their job if they are not happy in the workplace.
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Employees and Children: Must we go there?

Do you want happy employees who are present, engaged and efficient? Did you know that managing employees and parenting have a lot in common? Children and adults are not that different from one another because, after all, we are all human. We produce as a result of negative or positive feedback. If you want positive results in your work environment, take a moment to reflect on the importance of positive influence.

In this blog, we focus on how to retain employees, while reaping the benefits of a positive work environment. Positivity equals results, which ultimately, increases profits! If you are a parent, or even a pet owner, you may recognize this behavioral trait in your own home. When you praise your child or dog when they accomplish something positive, they ultimately repeat it and their behavior improves rapidly. When you criticize them and point out negative traits, they repeat those same poor behaviors as their self-confidence decreases.

That One Employee

Let’s visit a typical workplace scenario. Your account manager’s performance lately has been suffering. People have been calling in and complaining about his lack of following up and answering calls. Your first instinct is to pull him into your office and tell him his work has been lacking. After all, you are paying him to produce results! It’s easy to focus on the negative. It’s a prime example of human nature.

Negative = Negative

If you’re a parent, you may already know that negative feedback produces negative results. When you constantly point out mistakes to your child, they feel bad about themselves and focus on their poor behavior and errors. However, when you point out their successes, they feel confident and good about themselves and will strive to repeat the desired behavior.

The same concept applies in the workplace. Providing only negative, critical feedback can lower workplace morale and productivity. It can leave employees feeling under-appreciated. Offering positive feedback, an approach that emphasizes positive behavior, improves employee performance.


If you pull the accounts manager aside, simply pointing out his errors will not correct them. This will stress him out and enforce pressure which will result in more inefficiency. Another key to positive reinforcement is listening. Tell this employee some issues have been called to your attention such as people not having their calls returned. If you speak in a sympathetic, genuine tone, you may be more likely to get to the root of the situation. Maybe he is having some personal problems at home. Maybe he is feeling overwhelmed with his workload. Therefore, Once the burden of the employee’s issues is addressed, it will make way for the best chance for resolution. 

The Ultimate Result

While we don’t want to belittle our employees by treating them like children, however, the common denominator is human behavior. Positive reinforcement works the same with employees and children. Acknowledgement, appreciation and positive reinforcement all go along way in influencing people. So, matter what your workplace, leaders have the power to influence overall employee retention. Finding and keeping the best talent is the goal.

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