Job Hunting and Dating: Are They Really All That Different?

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

 Knowing When You’ve Found the Right One

Job Hunting is a Process 

Just like in dating, when you’re job hunting, it takes time and persistence to find the best fit. The job seeking process may even cause a little heartache, as you search for job that's right for you. The whole process is not for wimps!  If you think about it, the first interview and the first date have striking similarities. We all know how it feels to

get the call and set the meeting place and time, only to be rejected a few weeks later.

And, it doesn’t end there. Read on to enter the parallel universe of job hunting and dating:

When Job Hunting  Your Network Holds The Keys

In this age when online dating seems to be the norm for making the right connections, many people meet through personal connections.

That's because it feels more comfortable and safe. It’s quite the same when you're job hunting. Someone who knows about you, or has worked with you, can vouch for you. When you are recommended by someone who knows your ability, this reassures those who are seeking the best candidate for the job.

A Little Rejection in Job Hunting Never Killed Anyone

Why is job hunting not on the top of your list of favourite things to do? You put yourself out there, do your best to make the right impression only to have your hopes crushed, and the door closed. While rejection has never been known to kill,

it can definitely sting. In these times, remember, it may be less about you, and more about the right fit.   


The Right Fit is the Right Fit

You could “have it all” and look great “on paper”, but let’s face it, in finding the right person for the job, it’s less about how amazing you may

be, and more about relationship fit. If you’re perfect for the job and have an allergy to cats and dogs, you might not do too well in a high-traffic pet rescue shelter. 


There Are a Whole Lotta’ Frogs Out There

As with dating, you’ve got to be prepared to kiss a whole lotta’ frogs before you finally find the right job. It takes time and persistence, and that’s about all we have to say about frogs, princes and princesses!         

Job Hunting Sets Backs?? Bounce Back!   

When you think about the happy, successful people in your life, what is the common denominator (other than you, of course)? Successful people are usually the ones who bounce back quickly from setbacks. When you bounce back from disappointments quickly, you are less likely to miss opportunities that come your way.

Resilience goes hand-in-hand with other traits, such as courage and confidence. These traits can serve you well, as you position yourself as the best catch for companies with jobs to fill.                        

At Ziarri, we don’t pretend to know much about dating, but we are here to help you match your talent and skills with the best job opportunities. Your future is now! Visit ZIARRI to get moving in the right direction.     

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