About ZIARRI Staffing & Recruiting Solutions

Founded in 2016, ZIARRI Staffing & Recruiting Solutions specializes in the placement of candidates in restaurants, construction, oil and Gas industry, transportation and warehouse/productions.

ZIARRI partners with Canadian organizations of all sizes, serving as their representative and trusted advisor to recruit top talent and fill open positions. ZIARRI’s experienced team of skilled recruiters works closely with clients to solve talent acquisition challenges, and utilizes tried and true techniques to source and search the market for top-notch talent.

At ZIARRI, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional client service that is focused on responsiveness, openness and transparency. Based in Vancouver, BC, we serve the recruitment needs of corporations across Canada, who work in retail, restaurants, shipping and receiving, and transportation.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

ZIARRI Staffing & Recruiting Solutions is committed to fostering and maintaining an inclusive and welcoming work environment – for our clients, our candidates, and our own employees.

Businesses should have the skills, knowledge and training to create and sustain workplaces that value and respect all individuals, regardless of their background; celebrate diversity; and offer individuals the opportunity to achieve personal and professional growth and advance their career.  ZIARRI Staffing & Recruiting Solutions has fully inclusive hiring procedures in place to inform, advise and guide our clients to attract, recruit and retain top talent that will make their organization stronger, more efficient and better serve the diverse communities in which they operate.

Terence Manson

Before founding ZIARRI in 2016, I've been lucky enough to have a diverse and rewarding professional history. I got my start at an early age, working in restaurants for 10 years. Starting as a prep cook, I worked my way up into management, opening restaurants in Manitoba and Alberta.  

Looking for a change, I moved into construction and mining, starting as a labourer and quickly branching out to earn certifications to operate every type of heavy machinery on the construction, oil and gas job sites, and finally moving into supervisory roles.

With an ongoing and natural interest in entrepreneurial opportunities, I've run a number of successful businesses, including transporting construction heavy equipment, hauling gravel & Sand for clients in construction and landscaping, as well as in diesel refueling.

Today, I enjoy keeping up my connections within these industries, the ones that gave me so many interesting opportunities to learn, grow and contribute. It is these personal and professional experiences that laid the foundation for ZIARRI Staffing & Recruiting Solutions. 


Connecting with people and building meaningful and lasting relationships, has been a source of professional satisfaction. And over the years, I began to notice that these relationships frequently involved connecting and introducing people – those who were looking for talent, and those who were looking for work. This is how ZIARRI began. And the rest, as they say, is history!  


My industry-specific experience and knowledge places me in a unique position to help employers and candidates alike, to create win-win solutions in staffing and recruiting.

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